Quick sound test on a set of JBL CREATURE 3's

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JBL Creature II 3-Piece Powered Speaker System

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  • TAG : This guide is for version 1.2 of Creatures 3
  • Also, much of the information is relevant for the free Docking Station add-on, so it is also covered here. Be warned that much of the material is specific to Creatures 3, but there is much information that pertains to Docking Station.

    Note: You can of course download lots of free (and buy some non-free) unofficial add-ons for Creatures 3 and Docking Station. This guide does not cover them.

  • Creatures 3 was widely anticipated prior to its release in ; although many who were still bitter about the rushed release of decided not to buy it, some later relented. There were indeed a few problems at launch, but not on the same scale as the last game; most notably, some of the did not use the full range of facial expressions available to them, and a new had to be released to fix this problem.

    Note: A section title with "(C3)" at the end pertains to Creatures 3, and a section title with "(DS)" pertains to Docking Station. If the section title has neither of these at the end, it's general information which can probably be applied no matter which game you're playing.

    Creatures 3
    Developer(s) Creature Labs
    Linux Game Publishing
    Release date(s)
     November 41999
    Genre(s) Simulation
    System(s) Linux, Windows
    Mode(s) Single player
    Preceded by Creatures 2
    Followed by Creatures Adventures
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  • Creatures 3
    Developer(s) Creature Labs
    Publisher(s) Mindscape, Linux Game Publishing (Linux version)
    Designer(s) Steve Grand
    Engine CAOS Linux
    Platform(s) Linux, Windows, Macintosh
    Release date(s) November 4, 1999
    Genre(s) Artificial Life

    Creatures 3 was not made to work on the Windows XP operating system. Though similiar, this operating system is different from Windows 95/98/ME and thus it may be unstable or refuse to work at all. However, some users have reported that things work fine as long as:

Here is our collection of Nt Creature 3 games

The Capillata is a Shee ship. It has only one area that resembles the Creatures 3 terrariums, but it's smaller than a typical terrarium. This area is a very nice place for Norns, however, and makes a good alternative to the Norn Terrarium for small populations. In fact, you can have two isolated Norn cultures at the same time! Even better, the doors have locks to keep Grendels and, if you want, Ettins out. You can raise Grendels without worrying about them beating up your Norns! (They may kick Ettins around, though...)