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Day Two

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  • In conclusion, this prospective, randomized study demonstrates that (at least in cases where a sufficient number of fertilized oocytes are available), it does not make a difference whether transfer is performed on day 2 or day 3, since similar pregnancy and implantation rates can be achieved. Moreover, these findings indicate that embryo transfers can be safely scheduled at the convenience of the patient and the centre.

    The pregnancy and implantation rates for transfer of blastocysts versus transfer of day 2 or day 3 embryos is in the similar range. A pregnancy rate of 38% and an implantation rate of 23% has been reported (). In the present study, the pregnancy rates were 47.9% in the day 2 group and 46.8% in the day 3 group and the implantation rate was 23.8% in both groups. The patient selection in both studies was similar. In the study by Jones et al. only patients aged

  • Hi,
    Am on day 2 today, started with a large boiled potato with half tsp olive oil and a cup of green tea, I had cucumber and carrots in between and I half veggie stir fry (carrot, cabbage, zucchini, pepperoni, mushrooms and paprika) for lunch and drunk already 2.5liters water, however, I am planning to have boiled spinat with one sweet potato for dinner would that be OK or am I allowed to eat potatoes once this day?,
    I am feeling great ! ann cant wait to weigh myself after day 3 :-))

    This prospective study compares day 2 and day 3 embryo transfers with true randomization and of sufficient size to prove or refute a clinically relevant difference in pregnancy rate between both procedures. A minimization procedure was used on a group of patients with at least seven normally fertilized oocytes taking into account two important prognostic factors, i.e. the age of the patient and the procedure of fertilization (IVF or ICSI). The number of embryos transferred was controlled for by a uniform policy of embryo transfer. In the present study, pregnancy and embryo implantation rates were comparable in day 2 and day 3 transfer groups (47.9 and 23.8 % in the day 2 group versus 46.9 and 23.8% in the day 3 group). A statistically lower percentage of excellent and good quality embryos was obtained after culture until day 3 versus day 2 (10.3 and 40.1% versus 12.9 and 44.2%; P

  • The incidence of biochemical and ectopic pregnancies and of miscarriages did not differ significantly for pregnancies established following day 2 or day 3 embryo transfer (Table IV).

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Several studies comparing embryo transfer on day 2 versus day 3 after oocyte retrieval have been performed but the conclusions are conflicting. One study () randomized day 2 and day 3 embryo transfers based on the day of the week on which oocyte retrieval took place and found no difference in pregnancy rates. Another study () concluded from a retrospective study that pregnancy rates were similar between day 2 and day 3 transfers but that the implantation rate in the day 3 group was higher. In a retrospective study () the pregnancy and implantation rates were found to be increased after transfer on day 3. From a prospective randomized study (), it was concluded that extending the embryo culture period from 2 to 3 days had no effect on implantation and live birth rates. As the topic of preferential transfer on day 2 or 3 remains controversial, it was thought that it would be useful to perform a prospective, randomized study to compare implantation and pregnancy rates between day 2 and day 3 transfers.