Daddy diaper duty apron for my son!!

Ace diaper duty by learning how to change a disposable one.

Diaper Duty Tool Belt for New or Expecting by JocelynsCreations, $25.00

Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer,Green

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  • I went to a baby shower today…I haven’t been to one of them in a long time. Actually, I tagged along with my daughter…she was invited…not me. Her friend is due Dec.25…quite a present, eh? Anyway, when I found out that Claudia was pregnant, I wanted to make something for her. I ended up coming across a daddy diaper duty tool belt on . I thought it was the cutest darn thing. Here’s what I came up with..and it was a hit:

    But a proposed bill would make diaper duty equal for moms and dads in California, making changing stations available to men and women anywhere there’s a public restroom.

  • If you click on each of the pictures, you’ll see close up views. If you can’t read the Diaper Duty Checklist, let me know and I’ll send you a picture through an e-mail. Have fun!

    Reporting for diaper duty just got organized. Now your shelf or tabletop can look neat and clean all the time with our sleek diaper organizer. It holds diapers, lotions, diaper disposal bags and more. The flat top is the perfect spot to place your wipe dispenser or wipe warmer. And, the side bins are removable if you have space limitations. We even include 12 scented diaper bags to help your diapering space smell fresh and clean. Wipe dispenser/warmer not included.

    Super Mario Bros: Diaper Duty
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  • SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A California law would help dads on diaper duty by making diaper-changing stations available to both men and women in public restrooms.

How Shared Diaper Duty Could Stimulate the Economy

Reads: DIAPER DUTY PAW WASH POOP HAPPENS - GRIN AND BEAR IT - This hilarious ceramic soap dispenser is the perfect gift for a new parent. Designed by Lorrie Veasey. Item Measures: 4.25" L x 2" W x 7.25" H Is made of Plastic., Stoneware., Zinc alloy. Diaper duty soap dispenser.