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Cleolei Doll From Monster High Freaky Fusion Series!

Monster High Ghoul Spirit Draculaura Doll

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  • All "Doll Monsters" are named after popular infant toys (a doll, a toy dragon, a teddy bear, and a toy robot). In the Japanese version, their names end with a Japanese suffix ("-chan", "-kun", "-chi" and "-chin", respectively), making their names become loving cute names, which would normally be given to the toys by the kid who owns them.

    As you may know, way back in 2008 Kimberly and I recorded the second One-Eyed Doll album Monster in my modest bedroom studio. It was the album that really started to get world wide attention for the band and has since become a fan favorite! So many of the songs on Monster have become staples of our live set like Be My Friend, Plumes of Death, Fight and Monster.

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