american girl DOLL purse tutorial

I would love the pattern for this doll bed purse for my 3 yr old granddaughter. Thanks in advance

Doll Accessories Purse Faux-Leather Bag | Fits American Girl | Cream Purse for 18 inch Dolls and more!

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  • This little doll purse is full of fun details and it’s all made possible by a gum package. Yep, the left over little box that held sticks of gum!

    This is awesome, Anna! I’ve been thinking for awhile that I needed to come up with a good doll purse/bag besides the canvas one from the AG craft kit, which I have and use a lot, and since my sister is a huge gum chewer, I’m sure I’ll be sharing pictures of some new purses soon! 🙂

  • It’s been wallet mania at our house. My 12 year old daughter has mastered the craft and we had a group of friends over to make some just for fun! I leaned over the table and watched them create endless combinations of colors and personalize their own with little ideas they came up with on the fly. They were so cute and I thought to myself, I am going to make a doll sized version! And my own twist on it will be that I will make it big enough to hold doll money and small enough to fit in the doll purse we made a little while back (remember…out of a gum package:) )!

    Please e-mail me the pattern for the doll bed purse, will have my first greatgrand daughter in Dec and would love to make this as a keep sake. Can not find the pattern that my grandmother had used. Thank you so much.

  • Children's purses have always been a favorite of mine and blue is my absolute favorite color! This is a rather rare purse in that it has a double-sided enameled frame. The body is ring mesh in shades of blue. The frame is enameled on BOTH sides in pale blue with a bright red accent triangle in the center. There is only very minor wear to the enamel in the blue portion and the red portion is perfect on one side and has a teeny pin dot barely discernible on the other. Now for the bad news (and it's not bad!) ... the mesh is all present but it has come away from the frame in several areas and separated down the side on one side. HOWEVER, the rings do have openings and could easily be reattached to the frame and to each other if you have good eyes and the proper tools. I just don't have either!! But it would be a relatively easy repair for someone with patience and the wherewithall to do it since the rings aren't soldered. The wire that attaches the mesh to the frame is all intact, so it would be perfect when done. Because of that, the price is about 1/2 of what it would be if repaired. Even if it isn't repaired, it displays perfectly as you can see in the picture. This would make a great doll purse! Measures 2-5/8" wide at frame x almost 4" long.

Voodoo Doll Purse 10in x 19in - Party City

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