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Colgate Kids Twin Pack Toothbrush, Dora The Explorer

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  • Dora Backpack x 1; Dora Handbag x 1; Dora Bucket Hat x 1; Dora Sunglasses x 1; Dora Skirt x 1; Dora Stick on Earrings & Ring Set x 1; Dora Bubble Wand x 1; Dora Toothbrush x 1; Dora Puzzle Set x 1.

    Because apparently there is no treat quite like a princess toothbrush. She’s had Dora toothbrushes and Elmo toothbrushes and my mother is a horrible monster and bought me this RED? WITH NOTHING ON IT? NOT EVEN THE NAME OF A DENTAL CLINIC? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? toothbrushes, but never has she owned a toothbrush decorated with a Disney Princess. And she cradled that toothbrush for the rest of the afternoon, talked about how brave she had been by going to the hospital and letting those people look inside her mouth, how she would show Her Kids this Most Wonderful Toothbrush In All Of The Toothbrush Kingdom, and then at 5:30 PM she looked up at me and said, “I would like to go to sleep and brush my teeth now.”

  • My daughter is 10x more likely to want to brush her teeth if she can use her Dora toothbrush and toothpaste. It’s funny when we were at grandmas she was so sad she didn’t have her Dora set with her. Personally I think she like the bubble gum taste the best. Oh and boo-boo’s are no longer a dramatic play, Dora magically makes them all better, so my daughter says. These are great to have on hand.

    Having toothbrushes and toothpaste as a stocking staple every year shows our kids that we take oral health seriously! In a season that is full of delicious treats and candy, I feel it is important to do what we can. These fun Colgate Spongebob and Dora toothbrushes and toothpaste keeps them excited about brushing their teeth! And anything to encourage healthy smiles is wonderful!

  • Colgate sent me some toothpaste and toothbrushes to try out. They didn’t need to because Colgate already is our favorite brand of toothpaste that we use regularly. On our kids we haven’t purchased in fluoride toothpaste yet. That is why we are going to donate the supplies that Colgate sent to us. The supplies that they sent to us where Dora the Explorer, loved by both my daughter and my son. We have purchased the Dora toothbrushes before, but since we have to replace them every three months, I sometimes purchase what’s cheapest, so right now we have Darby from my friends Tigger and Pooh which is another brand. Sorry Colgate, I’m one of those shoppers that purchase what’s on sale.

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While most toothbrushes on the market are designed to appeal to how the brush looks (Dora toothbrushes anyone?), our toothbrushes are designed based on clinical research proven to help reduce the risk of gum disease. (If you’d like to take a deeper dive, check out our two part series titled, “”