What would be on your dream baby registry wish list?

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  • A cleaning service to clean up my house would be on my ultimate dream registry! On the practical side, this breeze is looking more and more appealing!

    I really nice stroller would be on my dream baby registry. I am only 3 months pregnant right now, so I haven’t really started researching everything yet, but I know I have my work cut out for me when the time comes.

  • I’m due in October with my first baby girl. Just started organizing my registry and agree with you it is so much work! Love your dream registry. Heard the cleaning lady is crucial. I have a couple friends who are on there second and are seriously considering hiring one. Would love the breeze for baby girl. Would make my registry complete!

    My dream gift registry is very similar to yours. One item that would be on my list would be the mamaroo. I think my baby would like it very much once she is born.

    Welcome to the precognitive dream registry

    This dream registry is quite different than others you may have come across on the internet. The Precognitive Dream Project is one which will attempt to document precognitive dreams. This, of course, is a little inherently tricky. People don't know for certain that a dream was precognitive until it comes true. All we can do is provide a repository for you to place your dream in *before it comes true*, if you think it might.

    This repository can act as proof that you predicted a future event. It might only be an event that affects yourself or your friends - that's fine, then we've helped provide proof for you on a personal level. But maybe your dream is predicting something more, something newsworthy. In which case, our repository may act as proof to more than just you and I, that precognitive dreams exist.

    If you register this dream with us we will keep a record of the dream content as you describe it, and the date and time that it was submitted. If the events in your dream unfold, you'll have independent proof. If the events predicted in your dream are a major news happening, and confirmable beyond you and your person, this site will have provided substantiation for precognition in dreams.

    This is accomplished through the use of a Google G-mail account, which will serve as independent record verifying the time that a dream was received into the registry.

  • My dream registry item would be the breeze. With our first son, we had a traditional pack and play, which was a a huge mistake. It was bulky, difficult to set up, and impossible to travel with. Being a military family, we travel frequently, so the breeze would make it so much easier for this Momma with two boys under who often travels alone due to hubby’s work/deployments.

I’m having twins, so my dream registry item is a bugaboo deluxe

One of my Dream registry items is the Breeze play yard by 4moms. Funnd i really need a play yard out right now since my baby just began to crawl. This would tryly be a dream!