Dresser in the closet without doors

Love dressers in closets!

Baby Buddy Size-It Children/Baby Hanging Closet Organizer Dividers, Yellow

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  • Depends on how how many clothes they have, and if they like to get dressed in the closet or out in the room. I don't really think you can generalize. Do what works for you.

    Closet Organizing Ideas : such as this one of putting the dresser inside the closet to save space in a small room! Add a valance over the top shelf to hide clutter!!

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    The house next door to us had a very large addition for a deluxe closet, with all of the dressers built into the closet. The bedroom was still the traditional size for a 1960's house, so it felt comfortable with just the bed and end tables. No huge areas of space to be filled.

    5-Drawer Dresser

    Birch Panels and Cedar Drawer-Face

    Close-up of Panel Connection on Dresser

    3-Drawer Dresser

    5-Drawer Dresser with Edge-Banding

    3-Drawer Dresser

    Bench with Oversize Storage Containers

    Bench with Chest underneath

    5-Drawer DresserInside of Cedar Drawer

    Honeycomb Face and Solid Wood

    5-Drawer Dresser

    3 Drawer Dresser with Handle Pulls and Edge Banding

    Wide 6-Drawer Dresser

    Dresser in Closet

    Storage Space in Three Drawer Dresser

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