HMP droid gunships communicate with General Kalani

HMP droid gunships communicate with General Kalani

LEGO Star Wars 75042 Droid Gunship

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  • The HMP Droid Gunship or the Separatist Gunship or commonly known as the Droid Gunship is a gunship used be the Confederacy during the Late Clone Wars. Droid Gunships make a comeback for the during era, helping win the war between the .

    I actually owned the original Droid Gunship, released all the way back in 2008 as part of the first wave of Clone Wars sets. Back then, it was a $30 set with 329 parts that was a big reason why most people had the initial impression that the Clone Wars sets were just… bad. It was just an awful set, with awful parts and only a few battle droids, and one that I had no interest in digging up to do a comparison. I know I usually like to do those, but I really disliked that set.

  • Enough Chewie ranting, for now… this is actually a set called “Droid Gunship,” so I suppose we should cover the set. I know, it’s hard, since a lot of you are probably like me, and just dropped $50 on a set to get an 80s comedy version of Chewie, but we must go on. This ship was apparently first covered in concept art for Episode I, according to a five second google search and a skim of the Wookiepedia page. I don’t remember it in the movie at all, but do remember it showing up in the cartoon (and usually exploding shortly thereafter).

    The Droid Gunships has several weapons since it is a gunship. The HMP carries 2 Turreted twin medium lase cannons, 1 Medium laser cannon, 2 Light laser cannons (1 on each wing), 2 Variable-payload missile launchers that carry 7 Concussion missiles, Torpedoes, or EMP missiles. The Droid Gunship can also carry Concussion Bombs to bomb enemies such as . And like all vehicles in Star Wars, the HMP Droid Gunship can reload missiles and bombs.

    Droid Gunship
    Basic Info



    Separatist Alliance

    Ship Details

    6 1 Pilot, 2 gunners, and 3 passengers

  • The Droid Gunship can carry 4-6 on top of him. The HMP Droid Gunship can also carry droids under him in Droid Deployment racks. It can only fit 12 droids such as , , and .

HMP droid gunships communicate with General Kalani

Bring heavy firepower to the Battle of Kashyyyk with the super-tough Droid Gunship™. Release the bombs, aim the front-mounted laser cannons and fire the powerful new side-mounted, spring-loaded shooters to repel the Republic forces with this heavily armored attack craft. If the heat of battle gets too hot, detach the front section and escape to fight another day! Includes Chewbacca™ and a 41st Elite Corps Trooper™ minifigure plus Super Battle Droid™ and Battle Droid™ figures with assorted weapons.