Fender Squier cream single coil Duosonic bridge pickup.

Fender Duo-Sonic#fender #duosonic #fenderduosonic

デュオソニックFender Duosonic#fender #duosonic
Fender Duosonic / Mustang Electric Guitar

Fender Classic Vibe '50s Duo-Sonic Bridge Assembly - Chrome

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  • 1966 Fender #Jaguar
    1969 Fender #Mustang
    1957 Fender #DuoSonic (¾ size)
    2009 #Gibson #ES339 (see?? MERCURIAL AF!) 😄
    2005 #CustomShop ‘66 #Stratocaster #ClosetClassic.

    Fender Duosonic var - sammen med Fender Musicmaster, Fenders to såkaldte student-models, blandt elektriske guitarer, og forløbere til den legendariske, Fender Mustang. Kort fortalt, er de lidt mindre og har lidt kortere hals, end "normale" Fender guitarer.

  • Yes! Sasquatch 2 is alive ! Shell pink relic of 1964 Duosonic. Seymour Duncan Antiquities rule…this guitar sounds killer. Tone is Hendrixesque, in fact i think he recorded some of Axis on one. Sort scale with 12’s is a great feeling combo- David Byrne had the right idea. I love this monster!Another Rory’s Relics. You can check it out at Mike and Mike’s Guitar Bar if you are in the Seattle area per chance….

    Found this ‘58 Fender Duo Sonic hiding in my rosemary bush. This is the nicest, most complete Duo we’ve ever had in the shop, with an incredibly figured flame maple neck. Not a solder joint touched, and the neck had never been off until I popped it today. Fender had put this guitar together before the Desert Sand finish was dry, and the neck was firmly adhered to the original finish in the pocket. Was quite a trick to gently ease it free! #guitar #fender #duosonic #precbs #offsetguitars #desertsand #anodizedaluminum #shortscale #flamemaple #1958 (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)



    This ‘66 Fender Duo-Sonic II will be coming with us to the SEATAC Guitar Show tomorrow! And those amps, too! #guitar #vintage #fender #duosonic #vintageguitars #gretsch #amp #seatacguitarshow2014 (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

Violife Duosonic On the Go Toothbrush-Ocean for $14.99

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