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BigMouth Inc Le Tooter

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  • Remote controlled fart machine – This is just epic, put it under a chair and wait until someone is sitting on the chair and hit the remote control button. Unlike some old school fart prank toy where the victim has to actually sit on it to produce a fart sound, this prank toy is an electronic device, so you can just hide it and make it work without your victim ever know your mischievous action. Usually such fart machine comes with several different fart sounds and they sound so real.

    Hand squeezed pooter – This is a manual fart prank toy. It’s pretty small and made out of rubber because it’s meant to be hand-squeezed. To play it, simply put the toy in your palm and squeeze, now you can fart wherever and whenever you want.

  • Probably because of those mixed reactions, that’s why there are so many fart prank toys being sold in the market. These toys can be used to embarrass people with fart sound or could also annoy people with a disgusting fart smell. Some of the most popular fart toys are:

    And the list goes on and on as there are literally thousands of them. If you just search long enough you will find some very bizarre fart toys money can buy.

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Despicable Me 2 - Fart Blaster Toy - Blog by -OW-Rambo - IGN

Click the links to the video and you'll see why this guy is so popular. If we've learned one thing over the years, it's that people laugh over any fart toy. This one is no exception, in fact, it's even funnier than most of the others. It comes with a number of sayings synchronized to the motion and includes 3 AA batteries. Not recommended for children under 6 or men's bowling teams.