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Rochelle Wiseman reveals she's finding maternity leave difficult as her Saturdays bandmates jet off to Ireland without her.

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  • In my day, it was hard to find maternity clothing let alone, a beautiful style as you have presented here. Very well done and voting up, useful, awesome and interesting with a share!

    If you’ve read any of my posts you know that I like to have my cake and eat it too. I strive to purchase quality, stylish clothing while spending very little. Finding stylish and inexpensive maternity clothes is both an art and science, especially when it comes to finding maternity wear suitable for winter. Winter coats, boots to fit swollen ankles, and other winter maternity clothing is more expensive and harder to find then t-shirts and strappy sandals for summer. I reside in Minnesota, or “Minnesnowta” as we like to joke here, so unfortunately winter clothing concerns me more than I would like.

  • To save even more, you can shop online for all your maternity needs. Check out online stores with a to save on maternity and other items. Finding stylish maternity clothes is much easier and more affordable than it ever used to be.

    Trying to find modest maternity shirts sometimes feels like trying to find that needle in the haystack. There is not just one store you can consistently go to that offers modest maternity clothing. You have to think of finding maternity clothes as a great adventure, otherwise you are likely to get frustrated!

  • You have a few options when it comes to finding maternity clothes. You can sew them yourself, order online, go to the traditional Motherhood store and shop, or look at garage sales and consignment sales. Let’s chat about each option more closely.

Finding Maternity Clothes When You're Pregnant and Butch

Wonderful question and great answer! I also always have a difficult time finding modest maternity shirts! Pregnant with #6 now and it’s the first time that I will be hugely pregnant in the summer in 8 years – I am so thankful for maxi skirts – but I am in desperate need for modest tops that I’m not going to sweat the summer away in 😉 Thanks, Caroline!