The First Years Soothie Pacifier (Baby Product)

The First Years Soothie bottles

The First Years GumDrop Infant Pacifier - 6-18 months

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  • If you have a baby who will take a pacifier, The First Years Soothie Newborn Pacifier is a good choice that will also come in handy when baby teethes.

    I first bought these bottles a few weeks after coming home from the hospital with my daughter. She was very picky, and she didn't like any bottle I had tried. The hospital gave us the first years soothie pacifier, but I had no idea that they made a bottle like them until a friend told me about them. My daughter loved the pacifier, so I thought the bottled would be perfect for her. The nipple on the bottle was a lot thinner thinner than the other ones I had tried. It took her a few tries to get used to this new nipple, but she loved it! After the first feeding, I realized she was extra fussy. I put her on her stomach and rubbed her back, and that seemed to calm her. I figured it was just gas, but I was hoping it wasn't from the bottles. Every feeding after that one, she had the same issues with gas. Before these bottles, that had never really been an issue. I was very disappointed that we wouldn't be able to use these anymore because they were the first bottles that she liked.

  • The First Years Soothie Newborn Pacifier is different from the typical pacifier design of a plastic ring attached to a thin silicone nipple. For one thing, the Soothie is a single-piece design, made out of green silicone that is about a centimeter thick all around. The main part is about two inches in diameter, with two little round holes at one end and a half-inch handle at the other. I think the purpose of the little holes is to wind some kind of strap through it, but we don't have any thin enough to do so.

    I tried the First Years Soothie baby bottles with my first child. He really liked them and I thought that all of my kids after him would love them also. I was wrong. My 2nd and 3rd child wouldn't let me use them for their milk. I'm not sure if it is because the nipple is harder or why but neither of them liked it and would just kind of chew on the nipple but not drink very well. They do a great job as far as leakage goes and are a very sturdy bottle. I was so sad when my other children wouldn't use these and I had to buy cheap walmart bottles, which is what they took better. These bottles were very expensive to buy and luckily I was able to sell them all to a friend and her baby loves them so I'm not out too much money. Overall, these bottles are very high quality and I would probably buy them for a baby shower. I'm just sad my second two babies wouldn't use them after I had invested the money in them.

    4.0 stars

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    I have purchased and used the first years soothie pacifier attacher and I think it is a great product. The first years soothie pacifier attacher is so helpful. I use the pacifier attacher for my infant and also for my toddler when we are out in public incase they drop there pacifier it will not fall on the floor. It is a great product since the clip easily attaches to my childs shirt on to the stroller or car seat strap and it also attaches easily to the soothie pacifier. It is great to use when not at home to you do not have an issue with not being able to find the pacifier and the pacifier can not fall on the floor as long as you have the clip attached to your babies shirt or stroller or car seat strap. The first years soothie pacifier attaches also come in very cute varieties so it looks like a little cute accessory for your baby also. The first years soothie pacifiers come in different colors and designs so you can get an adorable one for your little baby boy or your little baby girl.

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I would definitely recommend the first years Soothie pacifiers for the many qualities I have listed. Aside from that, you can see through the pacifier to watch your baby sucking on it. That little round ‘o’ mouth is one of the cutest sites in the world!