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Fisher-Price GeoTrax Remote Control Timbertown Railway

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  • Purchasing this Fisher Price Geotrax Rail Track Pack only adds to the many ways that the original can be set up. There are lots of twists and turns with different directions the trains can travel in. Several smaller mini tracks can be set up if desired with accessory sets like this one, or one huge track can be created. That way, up to four separate trains can travel along the railway, providing hours of entertainment for young Tristan as well as the "big" kids too :-) His favorite pieces are the two bridges as none are included in the main set. He has no trouble at all snapping the track pieces into place, although he does need help connecting them in a way so that they all come together and don't have any open ends traveling into nowhere. My only complaint is there really needs to be more straight pieces other than the two smaller bridge sections as there's already plenty of curves already without adding more. But we've learned to work with what we've got and have created several different large railways using this Fisher Price Geotrax Rail Track Pack as well as some of the other accessories. This one would be entirely useless purchased alone, however, as the trains themselves must be bought separately.

    I purchased this Fisher Price Geotrax Rail Track Pack (green trim) as well as the similar (blue trim) at my local for $9.98 each. The main difference between the two is that this pack contains mostly tan railway track pieces while the pack has gray roadway pieces instead. I'm not sure what the difference is supposed to be though as both fit together all mixed up and the trains easily run across both. So for $20 total, we got about 10 more feet of tracks, which can add a whole new area of twists and turns to the original set. Investing in accessories like this one can definitely get expensive over time, but since these tracks found in the Fisher Price Geotrax Rail Track Pack are highly durable and match those found in the , they are easily worth the extra money. Purchase this set instantly today at for the current price of $10.99 by copying and pasting the following link into your computer's web browser:

  • Little by little, we are collecting many of the accessories like this Fisher Price Geotrax Rail Track Pack in our quest to have an even larger and more complex railway for Tristan to play with. While the main set would truly be plenty in our preschooler's eyes, we just can't help looking for more and more pieces as it only adds to the fun of the overall setup. It's almost like building a little town for the trains to travel through. But in order to create a more interesting town, a larger railway must be built. Since many children love trains anyway, the investment truly will pay off over time (even though you'll need to have plenty of batteries on hand along the way!). And special packs like this one makes the expansion process both simple and affordable. So look for this Fisher Price Geotrax Rail Track Pack wherever the playsets are sold. Good luck and happy toy shopping :-)

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