Pairing the Fit Meter with Wii Fit U on the Nintendo Wii U

Wii Fit U + Meter (Nintendo Wii U) : Target

Wii U Fit Meter

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  • Overall, the Wii Fit Meter and Wii Fit U are among the more impressive fitness product in gaming. We've seen a host of fitness titles over the years, and things seemed to reach their height on the Xbox 360's motion-sensing Kinect. Thing is, you had to "plug in" to those games at some point during your day, taking the time to log on and manually check your progress.

    Requires a Wii Balance Board to work, plus two Wii Remote Plus controllers and a nunchuck to unlock all activities. Accuracy of the Fit Meter and Wii Balance Board is questionable outside of comparing its results to itself.

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