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38" Adjustable Multi Angle Folding Floor Cushion Seat By Trademark Innovations (Black)

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  • And by the way, the owner of the Orlando Magic is indeed the founder of Amway, Richard DeVos. Does that mean that I can sign people up to sell floor seats below me and make a commission on every one they sell?

    Since Larry Bird and Magic Johnson raised the public consciousness of the NBA, courtside ticket prices have raised accordingly. For example, in 1979, floor seats to a Los Angeles Lakers game . Today, those same seats . So a season ticket on the floor, which includes preseason, will set you back in the neighborhood of $120,000.

  • Speaking of blowouts, courtside seats must be sky-high, because they appear to be top-secret. Don't believe online data that estimate $200—the price of seats in the first row of the stands—are close to the price of floor seats.

    Floor seats are an equally serious bargain. The Grizzlies are currently the fifth seed in the playoffs, yet courtside viewing is readily available—for less than any other venue I've seen. This could be because the FedEx Forum was designed .

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    Floor Seats come in a variety of styles, from the traditional Japanese Zafu and Tatami Mat to the Tibetan Kneeling Bench and Native America Tipi Chair that we call the Eco Backrest™. These seats help create a comfortable floor living environment. You can sit in a variety of positions as shown in the photos. Floor sitting is being rediscovered as a sleek, no-fuss design alternative especially as furniture for small spaces.

  • Dotted with Hollywood luminaries and billionaire tycoons— so you can gawk and gape at your leisure—Lakers floor seats are the place in LA to see and be seen. They're also the toughest seats in town to score, since there are so few of them.

Floor seats at Raw - Cleveland 9.16.13

Our floor seats either put the sitter in a lounge position (Eco Backrest™) or in an active sitting position of vertical balance that establishes alignment and comfort.