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RC Toy - EpochAir RC Flying Ball, RC Drone Helicopter Ball Built-in Shinning LED Lighting for Kids, Teenagers Colorful Flyings for Kid's Toy

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  • Most flying robots require an enormous amount of outdoor space. The Lightstar can be flown indoors and out. It's a lightweight remote-control foam-and-plastic helicopter. The push of a button makes it move left, right, up or down. And it's remarkable easy to maintain a level hover—a feat that's impossible for most flying toys, and necessary for a dogfight, when two Bladestars duke it out. The best part is that it's light enough that it can run into most breakables without fear of knocking them over. The Lighstar hits stores this summer, and is an update to last year's Bladestar, with added UFO-like lights. While we haven't played with the Lighstar yet, if it is anything like the Bladestar, you can expect a fairly frustrating battery life (the Bladestar conks out after just 5 minutes of flight) and foam wings that are extremely fragile.

    Flying toys are great fun. We have UFOs, Aliens, Airplanes, Helicopters and even Pigs that really can fly! Get the perfect flying toy with Tin Toy Arcade today!

  • The Gadget Show selects three Flying Toys products for their prestigious top five, including the ultimate top toy in the remote control category.

    Company Directors David and Janine Rawlins were delighted to learn that The Gadget Show loved flying their Silverlit Wingsmaster Series I-Fairy ornithopter with it's furiously flapping wings, the innovative vertical take off V22 Osprey that looks like a plane but flies like a helicopter, and sensational Heli Mission combo comprising a remarkable remote controlled swat truck, with a three channel chopper secretly hidden away inside.

    The shows presenter Jason Bradbury couldn't conceal his excitement when the roof doors opened automatically, accompanied by a series of flashing LED lights and sirens, even before the helicopter took off!...

    The Silverlit Heli-Mission, awarded top flying toy on Channel 5's popular prime time television programme The Gadget Show.

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    We have a selection of classic flying toys that will never get old, like super-fun boomerangs. Or, for a pocket-money friendly option, our selection of poly gliders are not to be missed.

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    Kites, planes, rockets, balls, and... excuse me? What was that! If it's a whizzing, zooming, or flying toy we've seen it. If it's worth its weight, we've got it. Flying toys for little kids and flying toys for big kids, these specialty flying toys open up new horizons for the imagination and inspire lots of outdoor fun.

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    We also stock a variety of unusual toys that fly, including flitter fairies, bubble rockets and even mystery UFOs, all of which make ideal birthday and Christmas gifts. Looking for more flying toys? Take a look at our brilliant selection of . Check out our collection and place your order online with Hawkin’s Bazaar today!

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In China, the earliest known flying toys consisted of feathers at the end of a stick, which was rapidly spun between the hands and released into flight. "While the Chinese top was no more than a toy, it is perhaps the first tangible device of what we may understand as a helicopter."