table, a fooz ball table, several board games, a large screen TV and

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  • Imagine all of OpenStack’s working together in a single giant start-up warehouse. Each project in its own floor area with appropriate fooz tables, break areas and coffee bars. It’s easy to visualize clusters of intent developers talking around tables or coding in dark corners while PTLs and TC members dash between groups coordinating work.

    The Foozball table helped our team along the way to unity. Following a team-building weekend away,
    I was afraid that the spirit we developed would be lost as we got back to reality. The Foozi table helped
    us come out of our shells and interact on a very informal level, which benefitted the team immensely.
    We were also the envy of other divisions, who couldn’t hide their jealousy!

    Kamil Maharaj
    FNB Share Investing

  • One of the most popular spots on the route was Washington Street between 8th and 9th in Old Oakland. A parklet, hosted by the (EBBC), featured astroturf, outdoor seating for nearby restaurants and shady benches. A fooz ball table got continuous play despite the fact that it wasn't level. Musicians, gardeners, and bicycle tailors gravitated to the block, creating a lively street scene.

    I thought that the two tables we have in our offices in Sandton and Randburg were pretty good quality, but the table that we got for the weekend from you guys really exceeded my expectations. I don’t think we had anyone at the party that had ever played the game, but all (kids and adults) had an awesome time and played into the early hours. I never thought that a foozball table could be the soul of the party, but it was. "

  • Thursday = Foozday in the city! FREE FOOSBALL at Irish Oak! Leave your quarters at home, bring yo' smack talkin'! C'mon out to Irish Oak in Wrigleyville for some Foosball and good times! Check out the NEW LIGHT on the Oak's Fooz table!

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The hotel is got a great location to local businesses around the area , the pool is nice and clean , also love the awning made to look like a tropical resort and the out side fans and mini bar tables with a fooz ball table and hot tub really nice and clean , nice and quiet at night.