Cell freezing container for cell therapy vials. Holds 6 vials.

For use in all CoolCell freezing containers that hold 1 mL or 2 mL cryogenic vials

Reditainer Extreme Freeze Deli Food Containers with Lids, 16-Ounce, 36-Pack

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  • Multiple “side” access can be accommodated with any number of “walk-in” style installed doors on the standard freezer container. Kelly Freezer can meet your custom freezer needs by installing doors to allow for side access.

    If you need a larger refrigerated storage container or freezer container, Kelly Freezer can build a custom freezer or custom storage refrigerator by merging containers together accommodating your design requirements.

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    These are the best choices for plastic-free freezing, especially if you are going to keep the food frozen for months before use. Flat, rectangular containers are the easiest to stack and also make the best use of freezer space. Just look for ones with silicon lids or lids with silicone gaskets, to ensure you get an airtight seal that will keep food fresh. Pyrex makes storage containers with , but for the most part, glass storage containers have plastic lids. One Korean company is making as well as 100-percent stainless steel freezer containers. If you're really dedicated to cutting down on plastic, you can replace plastic lids with these . But these storage products are not cheap. So unless money is no object, you may need to explore other options. For instance, freeze the food in a glass container until solid, then remove the block of food from the container and wrap it tightly in something else before returning it to the freezer (see below for options). Then you can reuse the same glass container for something else.

    Fully refurbished portable freezer containers and portable coolers are our mainstay. Typically, Kelly Freezer utilizes the very best used refrigeration equipment available on the market today, and completes a comprehensive inspection, replacement and refurbishment of all equipment.

    CoolCell alcohol-free cell freezing containers ensure standardized controlled-rate -1℃/minute cell freezing in a -80℃ freezer - without alcohol or any fluids. Proven for use with a variety of cell types including stem cells, primary cells and cell lines. The patent-pending CoolCell technology utilizes a thermo-conductive alloy and highly-insulative outer materials to control the rate of heat removal and make cell cryopreservation reproducible.

    CoolCell units are easy to use; simply fill with cryogenic vials and place in a -80℃ freezer. For 1.0 mL - 5.0 mL cryogenic vials, and injectable serum vials for cell therapy applications. 

    Cryopreservation and Thawing of Cells
    Yokoyama WM, Thompson ML, and Ehrhardt RO
    Current Protocols in Immunology, Nov 2012

    Product Brochure:
    CoolCell Alcohol Free Cell Freezing Containers

    Instructions For Use:
    CoolCell LX
    CoolCell 5ml LX
    CoolCell FTS30

    CoolCell SV2
    CoolCell SV10

    Application Notes:
    Cell Cryopreservation

    Cryopreservation and Thawing of Cells
    Standardized Cryopreservation of Pluripotent Stem Cells
    Standardized Cryopreservation of Human Primary Cells

  • Packaging Details: no requirement for chiller/freezer container
    Delivery Detail: about 5-7 working date

    Generally, all of our portable freezer containers and coolers are stainless steel interior containers, offering ease of cleaning and upkeep. With extruded aluminum floors and wash out ports, the portable refrigerated storage containers are designed and utilized by food industries around the world. Our completely refurbished freezer/refrigeration containers are exceptional. Few service providers offer such high quality refrigeration equipment around the country, and we’re proud of both our equipment and our service.

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Unlike other freezer designs, the NMF-371 Deep Freezer Container prevents defrost heat from entering the cargo area. More standard designs allow defrost heat to enter the container thereby heating up the cargo and at the same time reducing defrost efficiency. Klinge Corp’s unique design avoids these issues. The NMF-371 is also equipped with a hot-gas defrosting system, which is fast and efficient – even at ultra-low temperature ranges.