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Welcome to Fresh Eggs R Us. Welcome,, we are developing this website to share information about fresh eggs for sale through our home flock of hens.

Fresh History, Brewed Daily: Raleigh County (WV) People, Places, Happenings 1750 - Present

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  • Freshtrusion technology allows more fresh ingredients to be used in dry pet foods than any other extrusion system in the world, including fresh meat and now fresh vegetables, herbs and ‘botanicals’.

    A lemon stored on the counter can easily dry out in a week. Contrary to popular belief, the thick rind does not protect the fruit. But stored in a sealed -- yes, this part is important -- plastic bag in the fridge they can last for over a month. Not only will this trick save you money, but it'll also guarantee that you'll have fresh citrus when you need.

  • GR Fresh is focused on three specific sectors that have become the company’s pillars for success: production, distribution and transportation. Through these efforts, we've been firmly rooted in the fresh produce industry and stick by our firm beliefs in sustainability, social responsibility and excellence in safe food production. Thanks to our six decade-long presence in Mexico, we are ready to enter demanding domestic markets to develop partnerships that share our goals and vision.

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