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  • Find our collection of frog worksheets and classroom printables below, including frog acrostic poem printables, notebooking pages, fun fact finding worksheets, frog life cycle poster, a cute story page and more..

    Our frog worksheets gives kids a starting point for their research into frogs. Use the internet or library to find out the answers and fill in each section.

  • The North American Bullfrog Information Sheet Where do North American bullfrogs live? The North American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) is an aquatic frog, a member of the family Ranidae, or "true frogs", native to much of North America. North American bullfrogs must live in water and are therefore usually found near some source of water, such as a lake, pond, river, or bog. Warm, still, shallow waters are preferred. Bullfrogs are becoming increasingly common in areas that have been modified by humans. Increased water temperatures and increased aquatic vegetation, which are common factors of lakes polluted by humans, favor bullfrogs by providing suitable habitats for growth, reproduction, and escape from predators. On rainy nights, bullfrogs along with many other amphibians, go overland and may be seen in numbers on country roads. North American bullfrogs live longer in warm weather. It is known that bullfrogs were introduced to areas of California and Colorado in the early 1900's. The species has also been introduced (accidentally or on purpose) into southern Europe, South America, and Asia.. How do North American bullfrogs have mate? Fertilization is external in bullfrogs. In the mating grasp, or amplexus, the male rides on top of the female, grasping her with his forelimbs posterior to her forelimbs. The female bullfrog deposits her eggs in the water and the male simultaneously releases sperm. Breeding begins in late spring or early summer.

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