Do these work just as well as the reg g diaper inserts?

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gDiapers Disposable Inserts Case, Medium/Large/X-Large (13-36 lbs)

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  • There are lots of great cloth diaper inserts on the market today. I started out using pocket diapers, but have since added AIO's and AI2's as well, so I've tested a number of insert and soaker options. I use mostly natural fiber inserts, and prefer them over microfiber for so many reasons.

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    Visit to learn more about gDiapers and other cloth diapers! This is a demonstration of how to use a pre-fold cloth diaper in a gDiaper instead of the flushable inserts. The gDiaper shown is an orange medium. The insert used is an unbleached Indian infant pre-fold purchased from Cotton Babies.

  • Another note - we always used a paper diaper at night because I found that my kids were sensitive to having the urine near their skin for a long period of time. Having said that, neither of my kids ever had a diaper rash, and both potty trained at 2 so I feel like cloth diapering was an excellent choice. Good luck! Cloth-diaper Mamma We cloth diaper our 4 mo old, and it has been far easier than I could have ever imagined. You'd probably want to get some prefolds (they are flat, recctangular, and are thicker in the middle), and fold them into the area you'd put the G diaper inserts. Green Mountain Diapers has really great quality prefolds (there are definitely differences in absorbency and softness!) and give you a shrunken size to account for size change after washing. Of course give the G Diaper covers a try, but my guess is that you'll have a lot of blowouts with runny breastfed poops. Bummis and Thirsties brand covers are known to be pretty reliable, easy to care for and not too expensive.

    I've been using g-diapers mostly very happily for months now since the snazzy things came on the market - baby now 20 mos old. Called the company once when the velcro on the covers wore out and led to diaper inserts sagging/leaking, and they sent me two brand new covers to keep a customer. But now I notice that at night the diaper insert bunches up in a way that sometimes the pee leaks through the liner to the cover, so she's wet through to her PJs in the morning. Anyone else had this? Any solutions (or do you just use a disposable at night)? Kate We are having the same problems with our 5-month old and have resorted to using disposables at night which we are bummed about. We, too, have found the gDiaper people to be nice and willing to send out extra liners, etc but we aren't sure how to handle the ''bunching up'' issue you describe. One thing we always do is try to make sure that the white liner isn't sticking up outside the diaper in the back. We'll be very curious what others folks say in terms of suggestions. This didn't really happen at all when our little one was in the size smalls but now that she is in the mediums (and is at the bottom end of the weight criteria for them) it's happening all of a sudden. Feeling your pain I just figured out a solution to the g-diapers leakage problem. (We have it too, especially as the inner liners get a little frayed.) We had diaper wraps left over from when we had cloth diapers, or you can get them at local baby stores. Just put them over the g-diapers, and you're set. They're not bulky. Aside: I'm a bit frustrated by the fraying, after we followed the laundering instructions to the letter.. g-diapers fan May 2006

  • I use the reusable cloth inserts in my gDiapers. I usually soak them in a bucket before washing them in the washing machine. I only wash the actual pants or the outer shell once every week or so, just when they get dirty or wet, which isn’t very often. But the only problem is the gDiaper inserts will run you about $5 each! Yikes. The whole point of using cloth is to money (and the planet, of course). I originally bought 18 of these inserts and still need more.

gDiapers Disposable Inserts - Sizes S,M-L : Target

All you need to use gDiapers are inserts and gPants. If your baby is on the way, the Newborn Bundle is the perfect place to start. It has just what you need to get going with gDiapers for a brand new baby. If your baby is already here and bigger than the newborn size, we recommend 6-8 gPants in each size. You can buy them individually to hand-pick the colors or prints that you want, or you can choose a bundle for extra convenience.