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Released on the Game Gear in 1994, Poker Face Paul brought several poker-related games to SEGA’s handheld device.

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  • [ Report abuse or wrong photo | Share your Games Sega Genesis Megadrive Mega-CD MegaThis means that if European Mega Drive owners had imported all of their games from America, Sega

    Nevertheless, the original two Shining Force games are the greatest tactical RPGs ever created, not that sounds too impressive when you realize how few tactical RPGs there really are out there. One of the reasons there are so few is because everyone saw this game come out and figured “who could possibly top this?” But Shining Force 1 & 2 was something more special than just that; it had unparalleled depth in both gameplay and story, and more characters ready to join your party than an episode of Game of Thrones or a Lord of the Rings film. I really understand that some would say that putting so much investment upon one game is already too much, but what other Sega Genesis game would give you this much time to play and invest, considering that many 16-bit games back then are shorter than your standard game today. Both games were so simple to play, but it takes a hardcore gamer to know how to beat it as it takes lot of strategy to even do it. By the end of the day, you can easily say that this has to be one of the best games that Sega has ever made!

  • While SEGA hasn’t released a new casino game since SEGA Casino on the Nintendo DS, there’s no telling when they might surprise us with a new entry in the Poker Face Paul series. But until that happens, you can always try your hand at a few other options, like the online casino market, but remember to !

    The same year, Sega of America's leadership passed from Michael Katz to Tom Kalinske, who further escalated the "" that was developing. As a preemptive strike against the release of the Super Nintendo, Sega re-branded itself with a new game and mascot, . With his hip attitude and style, he was marketed to seem "cooler" than , Nintendo's mascot. This shift led to a wider success for the Genesis and would eventually propel Sega to 65% of the market in North America for a brief time. Simultaneously, after much previous delay, Sega released the moderately successful as an add-on feature, allowing for extra storage in games due to their CD-ROM format, giving developers the ability to make longer, more sophisticated games, the most popular of which was Sega’s own . was also released at this time, and became the most successful game Sega ever made, selling six million copies as of June 2006.

  • Faced with debt and competition from Sony's PlayStation 2, Nintendo's Gamecube, and Microsoft's Xbox (although Microsoft didn't enter the video game market at this point), Sega officially discontinued the Dreamcast hardware in 2001. The final game Sega released for it was .

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Due to during the lifespan of the Game Gear, few were available to create games for Sega's system. This was a contributing factor to the large number of Master System ports for the Game Gear. Likewise, because of this, the Game Gear library contained many games that were not available on other handhelds, pulling sales away from the Atari Lynx and NEC TurboExpress and helping to establish the Game Gear's position in the market. While the Game Gear's library consisted of over 300 titles, however, the contained over 1000 individual games.