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  • How would you feel if you had a game on Xbox or 360 that ran one way and then the experience was altered on XBox One? that would diminish the entire experience.

    Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with zombie games for Xbox One, but we’ve dug deep and uncovered some real gems that you have to play if you haven’t already!

  • One of Zombi‘s biggest selling points is its location, being the only notable zombie game on Xbox One that is set in London, a historic city steeped in history and secrets. It makes for the perfect setting for the zombie apocalypse as players explore well known locations including Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, both of which have been recreated in authentic detail. Not only are the locations spot on and eery, but the atmosphere in Zombi is what grips players as you never know what’s going to be around the next corner.

    Do you own an Xbox One? Are you searching for some mind blowing games to play on your gaming console? If your answer is yes to both the questions, then you have come to the right place. Searching for good games for Xbox One can turn out to be a bit tough with so many games out there in the market claiming to be best. However, if you can select the best games, you will definitely have fun playing on your console.

  • When it comes to zombie games on Xbox One, the genre has been slow to get started on the platform, however, Dead Rising 3 was one of the first zombie games to release on Xbox One.

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You've surely heard about one of the best Windows 10 gaming features: streaming games from Xbox One to Windows 10 PC. It's without a doubt one of the most awaited features of the entire Windows 10, which launched yesterday, on July 29. What's great is that it's very simply to set up and use, as you can see in our following guide you should read if you have encountered any issues in making it on your own. So, here's how to stream Xbox One games to your Windows 10 PC in only six steps!