Giant Gummi Bears, so big you won't believe it

Giant Gummy Bear approx 5 Pounds - Cherry Flavored Giant Gummy Bear

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  • TAG : For the friend with a sweet tooth: Giant Gummi Bear Soap. $6.00.
  • Available in four mouth-watering flavours (Pink Bubblegum, Orange, Cherry and Blue Raspberry) the Giant Gummi Bear is a fantastic pressie for anyone with Wonka-ish leanings and a sweet tooth of elephantine proportions.

    If you’ve ever wondered what 6120 calories look like in chewy ursine form (and who hasn’t), feast your eyes on the Giant Gummi Bear. Standing 24cm tall and weighing in at a diet-clobbering 2kg, this gelatinous lump of yumminess is equivalent to 1,400 regular sized Gummi Bears. In fact it is the world’s largest was the world’s largest, until this came along. The dentist will see you now…

  • During your next horror movie marathon, surprise your friends by biting into one of these life-sized Giant Gummi Hearts. It’s delicious cherry flavored gummy candy, but it is in the shape of a real human heart complete with veins, valves, and ventricles. Plus it weighs in at a whopping full pound, so you’ll have plenty to share with your friends.

    You may think it is impossible to finish off one of these giant gummi bears, but fortunately you don’t have to do it in one sitting. According to the description, it will last up to a year if you keep in in a sealed container or bag between snackings. There are many delicious flavors to choose from, but I think the Astro is worth the extra cost because it features a combination of 3 flavors similar to Neapolitan ice cream, so you can enjoy some variety.

  • The 4-inch tall Giant Gummi Bear weighs in at a whopping half a pound, and is the equivalent of 88 of its regular-size cousins. They taste just like regular bears, only bigger.

Giant 5LB Gummy Bear (12 Flavors ) - IT'SUGAR Candy Store

The Giant Gummi Bear on a stick is available from for $9.95 (USD), while you can get your hands on the massive World’s Largest Gummi exclusively over at the appropriately named for the jumbo price of $39.95.