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  • While this unit has a lower list price than much of the competition with an average price of $45, it still fails to be a great value given it poor performance. Essentially, you can get a better monitor at a cheaper price with the Best Value winner, , which earned 26 more points overall, has a higher score for sound, and costs $5 less on average. This makes the Graco monitor not a great value. If it had been half the price, then the terrible sound might have been worth putting up with, but at the current list price it just can't keep up with the competition.

    While it is often said that you get what you pay for, that is not the case for this monitor. The Graco has a relatively low price compared to some of the competition, but it still isn't low enough to justify the poor performance we experienced. This product scored low in just about every category with lowest score for sound out of all the monitors we tested. We feel that a product designed to relay sound accurately should do just that at a bare minimum, and this product doesn't really do that. For the price, we think you will get a much better product by purchasing the VTech option for $5 less. This makes the Graco a monitor we don't recommend.

  • This Graco monitor is an excellent audio monitor. My favorite part: it vibrates! So, I can turn the volume all the way down and just let it vibrate so Peter doesn’t have to hear it too! Or I can turn on the vibration and have just lights. Or sound and lights. Or all three. I like having options. We mainly use it when we are watching tv after his bedtime because we can’t always hear Micah’s cry over the movie.

    All monitors let static through, it part of picking up all the sounds in the room. This Graco monitor has a static filter option. When turned on, this limits what sounds come through the monitor so it’s totally silent until it picks up a noise loud enough to indicate a baby crying (or a loud motorcycle passing, etc). Definitely a nice feature. When Micah was an infant, I stopped using our cheap monitor at night because the static noise drove me nuts.

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    These are not your ordinary baby monitors. These Video Graco Baby Monitors allows you to watch your baby sleep. Strap it onto your jeans while you clean the house, take it with you outside. Where ever you go, these amazing monitors go with you so you never miss a moment in that little one's life.

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