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Funko Pop TV: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Vinyl Figures Set of 4: Blue Ranger, Green Ranger, Black Ranger & Yellow Ranger

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  • In present time, White Ranger and Green Ranger leap through the air. Once more Green Ranger and White Ranger fight each other. Green Ranger knocks White Ranger to the side.

    “You’ve got Red Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, and of course, Green Ranger and White Ranger,” Johnson told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, beaming with pride.

  • The only issue is that, as of the writing of this review (August 1, 2013), Bandai America has stated they do not yet have any plans on releasing a standard retail version of the Green Ranger White Ranger Legacy Power Morpher. While I understand the drive & importance of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, the fact is there are tons of fans that are not able to attend such an event. I truly hope Bandai does eventually release a retail version of this Morpher, with some changes. I’m sure collectors & adult fans the world over would buy up a retail version of this Morpher, just like they did with the original Legacy Power Morpher.

    The Power Morpher & Coins that never came to the United States. The Power Morpher and Coins that so many of us wanted as children. After 20 years, we finally have a Green Ranger White Ranger Power Morpher!

Green Ranger VS White Ranger *DeathMatch* HD