Make a Guess Who Game featuring everyone in the family

I just bought a Guess Who game, so I can make a Doctor Who edition :)

Yaaay! Thank you soooo much! Luckily my mom saved my old Guess Who game so I was able to make one myself! It looks amazing!!

Guess Who? Board Game

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  • Description The Guess Who Game is great fun for school aged kids and is ideal for learning to ask and answer yes / no questions in Speech Therapy.

    Based on the standard Guess Who game, I made a digital scrapbook template for our personalized family photos on 12x12 papers. (I'm wishing I'd have made a personalized box top, too.)

  • For your Guess Who game why don’t you replace the given pictures with those of friends and family. Just cut the pics the same size and glue right on top. You could then play the same way as the original with clues about appearance or could ask questions more broadly such as “did this person visit last Christmas”, etc.

    Awesome "Guess Who?" game for the New Testament! A fun and entertaining "Guess Who Game" using characters from the Bible! Perfect for Sundays, during General Conference, or FHE to teach children characters from the New Testament. Simply print and play! Includes 4 unique game boards, 18 character cards, and instructions for play. Awesome Sundays and lessons, here we come!

  • A couple more handy sheets with guess who game materials. One which the students fill out as a profile and then guess each other. A nice ice breaker / warmer for the start of the year.

better explanation of the Guess Who game rules , if anyone needs them

In a rush one morning before seeing a client, I took the Guess Who game that I had and I hot glued the face cards onto clothespins. To play the game, the children have to place all the clothespins onto a letter holder. To hold the card that the other player is guessing, I used a binder clip.