Groove to the music video for the Hannah Montana song, Que Sera.

Hannah Montana sings her hit, Nobody's Perfect, in concert.

Live in concert, Hannah Montana sings The Other Side of Me from the Hannah Montana TV soundtrack.

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  • Miley, Lilly, and Oliver begin high school in the second season. Rico, who begins high school after skipping several grades, nearly discovers Miley's secret on several occasions. Later in the season, Miley admits to Jake Ryan, whom she initially disliked and later dated in the first season, that she is Hannah Montana. However, their briefly rekindled relationship ends after he struggles to adopt a normal, non-celebrity lifestyle, which Miley is concerned she will lose as a result of dating the actor. Meanwhile, Jackson continues to find himself in conflict with Rico, and opens a short-lived "cheese jerky" stand with Oliver after being briefly fired from the surf shop.

    In its , first introduced Miley Stewart, who lives a double life as an average schoolgirl by day and a famous recording artist Hannah Montana by night. Her father Robby Stewart is a successful country music singer under the stage name Robbie Ray, and raises Miley and her brother Jackson Stewart as a single father in Malibu, California after their mother Susan died. Miley's best friend Lilly Truscott discovered her secret while attending a Hannah Montana concert. Later in the first season, Miley herself revealed her secret to their close friend Oliver Oken with the intention of ending his romantic interest in Hannah Montana. Lilly and Oliver assumed the aliases Lola Luftnagle and Mike Standley III when appearing with Hannah in order to protect Miley's secret. Meanwhile, Jackson is employed at Rico's Surf Shop, where his child-aged boss Rico Suave often assigns him to complete embarrassing tasks.

  • In the fourth season, the Stewart family moves into their new ranch, and Miley begins dating Jesse. He admits that he discovered her secret by paying attention to her actions, and it begins to inconvenience her friends and family. After much deliberation, Miley reveals to 's television audience that she is Hannah Montana. Afterwards, Miley and Lilly graduate high school, with arrangements to attend college. In the , Miley and Lilly prepare to go to college, yet another movie offer comes up. Miley tries to make Lilly reject her, only to fail multiple times. She convinces Lilly to come with her to Paris (where the movie is shooting), however at the airport, Lilly decides not to go, but to return to college (this is due to Oliver convincing Lilly that Miley will get another movie role next year). Miley continues to Paris, only to come back, joining Lilly in . Jesse and Oliver guest star in that episode and a Montage of pictures play at the end of the episode.

    , also known as in its fourth and final season, is an American television series created by , , and . It focuses on (portrayed by ), who is a teenager living a as an average schoolgirl by day and as the famous recording artist Hannah Montana by night. The story follows the daily life of Stewart, her brother, and her friends while also starring Cyrus's country singer father as her dad.

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    Hannah Montana made Miley the most famous teenager in the world, and the world watched and judged her as she figured out who she wanted to become. "When I look at my little sister, who's 16, I don't judge her for anything she does because I remember where I was at that time. I was such an emotional person—I'm still such an emotional person—but I was trying to find out who I was," she says in hindsight. "You go through these stages, especially in our industry."

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