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The Hungry Hippo Board Game Café, Adelaide, South Australia

Hungry Hungry Hippos

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  • Hungry Hippo Board Game Cafe is situated in the former famous BBQ Inn in Adelaide’s West End. Serving up over 250 board games, cheap (and ridiculously cheerful) menu items like Diplomacy (trio of dips), The Soup Yahtzee (soup of the day), Arancini Frontiers, Burgers & BattleChips (yep, you guessed it) and local wine, beer and ciders.

    The Hungry Hippo Board Game Cafe is open from 7pm till 11pm on Thursdays, and from 7pm till late on Fridays and Saturdays. You can book a table in advance--which is recommended for larger groups--or you can just turn up and grab a table. There's on their website, you can also like their for more updates.

  • Basically, Hungry Hippo Board Game Cafe is a well-needed addition to Hindley Street, and provides a place to hang out with people of all ages. You can bring anyone here. Like most establishments surrounding it, the cafe does also serve alcohol, however their beverage special really is their milkshakes (peanut butter milkshake? Sold!). Check this place out, and bring kids! It's really cute and provides a nice change to most things Hindley Street is associated with *cough Red Square cough*.

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