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Senseo Single Serve Pod Coffee Maker Senseo Black Single Serve Pod Coffeemaker, HD7810/65.

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  • Third pod maker in fewer than 3 years. All heating elements burned out. Lots of little pods going to waste. The concept sounded great--the merchandise appears inferior and I'll spend the extra few cents purchasing pre-made pods. Thanks.

    After doing the math on "machine plus filters plus coffee plus the time it takes to make the pods", there doesn't seem to be much "savings". I think the payback of purchasing a pod maker doesn't make sense... and it doesn't sound like the Pod Maker would last long enough to achieve the break-even point.

  • Concept is great, quality is horrible. First PodMaker died after about 500 pods. Bought from "As Seen On TV". Said it was out of warranty, and gave me an email at Vincci. They asked me to send documentation of purchase, which I did. Never heard back from them and, after several attempts, I finally gave up. Bought one from CoffeeGiant, and it has been heating unreliably from the start. Takes 8-10 seconds to seal, when it should take 2-3. Waiting for it to die, even though its only 8 months old. Wish someone would come out with a better product for filling your own pods.

    My suggestion... Skip the Pod Maker, buy the filters (compared to premanufactured pods, I am saving bundles by only using the filters and my favorite coffees!!)

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    The difference between the Perfect Pod Maker and the Perfect Pod Maker Deluxe is only the handle. I was curious about this too, so I called Coffee Giant and asked them what the difference was. They told me the Deluxe model has a silver handle where the original model has a black plastic handle. So you can save $10.00 by purchasing the original Perfect Pod Maker which I did and am very happy with the machine. It works great, is easy to use (even my children love making pods with it) and allows me to use all my favorite coffees. If not for this pod maker, I probably never would have purchased a Single Serve Coffee Maker because the variety of decaf pods(which is all we drink) is too limited. This way I can continue to drink all my favorite brands of coffee and flavored coffees. This is really worth purchasing.

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If the many Keurig models seem confusing to you, we understand what you’re going through. We were equally overwhelmed when we started exploring the world of Keurig pod coffee makers for the first time.