Magic Sing Karaoke Machine with 2 Wireless Microphones!

Disney Karaoke Series: Frozen (Sing-Along Favorites) Apr 15, 2014

Karaoke System (ISK-IPD) iSing Karaoke

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  • If you are looking for a great karaoke machine to use at home and throw fun parties, look no further!
    The Magic Sing karaoke machine is one of the best karaoke systems for home being sold right now!
    It is very portable, as you can see, which is perfect for taking it with you to other people’s houses too!

    This Magic Sing karaoke machine comes packed with 2045 English songs already, it is very portable, (as you can see) and it comes with two microphones!
    Of course you can also put more songs on this machine, using the chip expansion slots.
    It is very easy to use, just connect it to your TV!

  • Portability is one thing which should be considered while purchasing a karaoke machine. This is especially for those who want to carry these machines to their friends place or school functions. Microphone and pocket karaoke machines are the best suited for this purpose.

    The Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Karaoke Machine is a compact portable or home machine that hooks into your television via HDMI cable. You are able to upload your own photographs or videos from a USB card to the screen, to personalize your Karaoke experience

  • And with the fourth installment to our karaoke machine reviews we have the Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Mic Karaoke Machine complete with Two Wireless Microphones and a whopping 2,045 Songs! Now it...

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