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  • A flat setup is the most common setup used on inline skates. Almost all non-aggressive inline skates are sold with a flat wheel setup. Flat means that all the wheels touch the ground at the same time when resting on flat ground. Flat setups are not the most maneuverable but what they lack in maneuverability they make up for in speed. Flat setups are widely considered[] to be the fastest setups. and marathon skaters normally use flat setups. Aggressive skates are sometimes sold with flat setups, but with a small space in the middle for grinding.

    Full rockers are used by skaters who favor maneuverability when skating on flat ground. Freestyle skaters, and artistic inline skaters tend to use this setup. This setup is called "crescent" or "banana" because it is curved, and mimics a curved ice blade profile. On flat ground this setup will only have 1–2 wheels touching the ground at any one time. This makes the skate much easier to turn but lacks stability so it is harder to balance on. In addition, a full rocker is slower than a flat setup in terms of top speed

  • Flat setups generally wear into a 'natural' rocker. This is because the front and back wheels seem to receive the vast majority of wear on inline skates.

    Inline figure skating began as an off-ice training alternative for . The (FIRS) has recognized it as on inline skates and includes inline figure skating freestyle competitions at its world championships. Most of the participants are quad/inliners.[]

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    Inline skaters lacking a heel brake can use various other methods to stop, such as the T-stop in which the skater moves one skate perpendicular to the other, making a "T" shape to increase friction and reduce speed, or the more advanced maneuver of a /, in which the skater quickly moves both skates perpendicular to the path of motion.

Inline hockey skates are of course very similar to ice hockey skates

Special to the Reading Eagle: Tom Boland | Tami Foster, center, leads SOS Inline Speed Skating Club skaters from the start line during a practice session.