Jump Sky High For Autism Speaks October

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Beginning March 1st, all jumpers will be required to jump in Sky High Grip Socks.
Jumping at Sky High Sports Valencia (Up to 50% Off)


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  • Beginning March 1st, all jumpers will be required to jump in Sky High Grip Socks. Grip socks can be purchased for $2 a pair. This will allow us to help ensure our guests a cleaner and safer park.

    This Saturday from 10:00 AM until Noon, we are having a party at Jump Sky High for High School Students. Jump Sky High is a great place to have a ton of fun with things like trampoline dodge ball to enormous ball pits and if you want to know more, click this .

  • This Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 the High School Ministry will be having a great time at Jump Sky High which is an indoor trampoline gym that’s a lot of fun. Because they won the Trunk-or-Treat contest the 9th grade will get in free and everyone else should bring $20 for two hours of jumping. you must have a parent complete before you come or

    The 8th grade ventured to Jump Sky High on Sunday! In case you don’t know what this is, it’s a huge room with different varieties of trampolines. You can play dodgeball, do back flips, or just jump your heart out! Check out the pictures below!

      Charlotte, North Carolina

      Charlotte, North Carolina

    P.S. Off topic! But has anyone watched the Exorcist TV Series? I thought for sure it was going to be horribly bad but it’s actually really good. It took me until 40 minutes in to realize that that’s Ben Daniels playing Father Marcus Keane aka the extremely bitchy Paul Grayson that threw a bird’s nest with babies off the top of a building in Flesh and Bone! It also took about 40 minutes into the episode for me to jump sky high, that attic scene, OMG! Stop! Which by the way leads me to American Horror Story this year…..I can’t watch it without throwing a cover over my head. Those pig noises, the constant jumps, I’m going to have a heart attack by the time the season ends.

Jump Sky High Costa Mesa Part 1