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  • As for the price, we found it to be slightly more expensive than some kids punching bags, but this is justified. The Kid Kick Wavemaster a genuine piece of boxing equipment, intended for young martial artists that are serious about their sport. If you’re just looking for a casual way to keep your child occupied and entertained, we suggest that you consider a more affordable option

    The maximum height of the Kid Kick Wavemaster is 5’2″, which makes it taller than most kids punching bags we’ve come across. The empty plastic base can be filled with water or sand, and it’s around 170lbs heavy when filled – which should be plenty for children – but be advised that a strong punch from an adult may topple this bag over. If your child is a young adult that’s particularly large for their age, we suggest you to go with The similarly priced Original Wavemaster, or the instead.

  • Kick Dummy can be used for a variety of training types and is effective at improving both your speed and power. By setting it up in an area that has plenty of space, you will be able to hit and kick it as hard as you want to the torso, head or legs. Feel free to use as much force as you like and Kick Dummy will just pop back up, ready for more. This realistic training tool can also be used to hone your speed. By placing it against the ropes, you can unleash a powerful combination of kicks and punches in rapid succession. Because it is free-standing, it will then move around as you connect with it, providing even more realism for when you fight against a live opponent. Lastly, for the parent looking for a fun way to exercise their child, Kick Dummy is a kids inflatable punching bag kids will love. Keep your children happy, active and healthy by purchasing one of these effective sparring tools. For more information on this product, have a look over our website. We have an extensive FAQ section especially for those who want to know more and an on-site video so you can see Kick Dummy in action. This portable training tool can also be purchased through our site and will be sent to your home within 14 days. We will also throw in a bonus instructional DVD so that you can then easily improve your overall fighting abilities.

    The best performers in our review are Kid Kick Wavemaster, Century Youth Versys and the Bobby Bully. Here’s more information on choosing the best kids punching bag, along with a detailed review for each product we chose.

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    We found this kids punching bag to be a great tool for almost any type of martial arts – but it’s style is especially suitable for young wrestlers. The grip handles allow easy ground-and-pound action, while the body of the bag is small enough to allow a child to pick it up, toss it around, or practice takedowns. Still, the bag’s surface is large enough to allow most kids to practice kicking and punching comfortably. The base of the bag is pre-filled, and weighs around 40lbs. While much lighter than most punching bags (even those for kids), the Century Youth Versys was intentionally made to rebound when punched or kicked, ensuring a dynamic workout. When pushed, it will topple over, allowing your child to switch to ground practice.

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