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Scientific Explorer My First Science Kit

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  • At Kits4Kids, we provide a stimulating and conductive environment for children between 18 months onwards, catering to their individual development and growth.

    Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate for individual children, both mainstream and special needs.

    Our classrooms are equipped with aged appropriate toys and learning corners such as Home corner, Library and much more, providing children with the opportunities to learn effectively through concrete play.

    Also, our low student-teacher ratio allows our team of teachers to engage children with meaningful and constructive activities..

    Kits4Kids Foundation is dedicated to provide special needs and social services for children and youth. Through areas in education, training, fellowships and opportunities through its various schools and establishments, Kits4Kids Foundation believes that every child is exceptional and can learn uniquely.

  • Kits4Kids’s social agenda is focused on special education and human development in various social areas. It is mandated to play an active role in supporting the implementation of the social services which includes promoting access to mainstream education opportunities of differently advantaged groups (youth, women, persons with disabilities and rural communities), promoting global awareness through language and higher education; and youth exchange activities (such as through volunteer programmes) with the view of facilitating greater awareness among youth with a vision of a cohesive community of caring societies.

    Sewing Kits 4 Kids was created by two sisters. They grew-up in the country and were taught how to sew, garden, cook, and care for animals. They noticed that not many of the children around them were learning these life skills. They decided to create a business that would teach children basic sewing skills with fun and educational . Each kit contains step-by-step instructions and materials to complete a project. Depending on your kit, you will need to have your own sewing needle and may need thread, scissors, glue and/or an iron. For our review, we received a Ladybug Pillow kit and a Button Bag kit.

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    Vervaco I Stitch Kits 4 Kids Embroidery Cards Kit

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    Vervaco Kits 4 Kids Rabbits with Flowers Embroidery Cards Kit

    Sewing Kits 4 Kids were great activities for us. We were able to have some quality time together while we worked on our projects. The girls were able to start and finish a sewing project and that always helps build their self-esteem. They have shown their Ladybug Pillow and Button Bag to all of our family and friends….the projects even made an appearance at school show-and-tell.

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