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Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register

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  • "Lets go shopping". Kids love to role play and the Shop and Learn Cash Register gives them the opportunity to play grown up shoppers! Three play modes encourage kids to shop, count, identify food and determine values.
    This electronic talking register guide children through learning with encouraging words, amusing sounds and fun games.
    Kids will have a great time scanning food, entering coins, sliding the credit card and opening the cash drawer.
    Shop and Learn Cash Register will quickly become a favorite! Ages 2+ years.

    Find It! Mode
    The Find It! mode will amuse your child and engage them for hours on end!
    This mode is a ton of fun and children will not even realize that they are learning at the same time!
    Shop and Learn Cash Register will ask your child to find a certain number or food item.
    After they press the button or scan the food item, Cash Register will answer with positive reinforcement and will give the child three chances to get the correct answer before moving on to the next question.
    The Find It! Mode also reinforces listening skills as well as language and social interaction skills.
    Children will have such a great time with Shop and Learn Cash Register's encouraging words and fun games.

  • Shopping Mode
    The Shopping Mode encourages your child to role play!
    In this mode, Shop and Learn Cash Register allows children to buy a food item and then asks them to pay for the it.
    The child scans the food item and Cash Register will tell them the cost.
    The child can pay for it with the coins or pay by credit card.
    With the built in cash drawer your child has acess to their deposited funds!

    "This is an adorable little register, perfect for when the kids play "store". I love the scanner that comes with it, and the healthy food choices to purchase! Very smart and simply adorable." Barb from Aurora, CO.

    I made this video of the Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register to show you how your child can learn and be quizzed on their addition and subtraction. My children do not realize they are even learning from the toy while they play the addition and subtraction quiz. There are 3 different levels for both adding and subtracting so your child can play at his or her appropriate level.

    The Learning Resources cash register would be a great toy to have an a school classroom or for any homeschool family.

    I hope you enjoy my video!

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Early Learning Centre Cash Register

This Learning Resources Cash Register has been on my Grandsons mind since he saw it and played with it at a toy store last year.

It made a great gift for his 5th birthday.
He loves the way the toy talks to him as he scans in the shoppers groceries and weighs the produce. The register actually tells him the value of the coins as he adds them. This is a great teaching toy that I think will 'grow' with him as he gets older.

Learning Resources actually has 2 different toy cash registers, the other one is solar powered and this one takes 3 C batteries. We debated over which one to buy and decided on this one based on comments from other reviewers, and the fact that he actually saw and played with this particular model -- and loved it. You can easily tell the 2 registers apart by looking for the yellow produce scale on the top right hand side of the register -- that's the one we purchased.

The toy appears to be a sturdy design and 'kid-friendly'. If the kids don't push the shut-off button, the register automatically shuts itself off after several minutes of non-use to help save battery life.

I think the toy comes with an ample supply of coins and bills, although I'm sure we will need to purchase a replacement pack of money sometime in the future, this toy gets played with often!!