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LEGO City Fire Truck 60002

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  • Fire Truck. Who would ever be ashamed to show off a fire truck? Certainly not you with the Lego Fire Truck set! A fire hydrant, working ladder and actual firemen help put this set over the top. They even come with tiny axes and other firefighting equipment.

    In this very reasonably priced LEGO City Fire Truck set, (it will set you back about £15 or less) you get two fire-fighter minifigure's, loads of accessories and a stonkingly good LEGO Fire Engine.

  • Head over to Amazon and order this LEGO CITY Fire Ladder Truck Set for a very low price today! If you’re building a Lego City, you’ll need to have a fire safety department to save your Lego citizens during emergencies! Get this set today!

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LEGO City Fire Truck Set Review