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  • The new Lego Ninjago game is fast, confusing and takes some getting used to.
    You look into the compact levels sideways, which only stretch out on a few screens. You’ll get the typical platforms which you see in other jump and run games, where you will need to set your Lego ninja against as many opponents as you can to defend yourself.
    These appear in increasing strengths, at different points, always in greater numbers, which will inevitably lead to a game over sooner or later.

    Do you remember the successful LEGO Battles: Ninjago Video Game? If you did, you will be happy to know that WB Games has just released the very first trailer for the upcoming sequel in the LEGO NinjaGo Video Game series. This new instalment is called LEGO NinjaGo: Nindroids and it is based on the Ninjago Rebooted animated series storyline. This game will feature a total of 30 different levels and endless amounts of fun. However, it will only be available on two platforms which are mobile. Just like the previous, only those who either have a DS or a PSVita will be able to play it.

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