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LEGO City Airport 60102 Airport VIP Service Building Kit (364 Piece)

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  • This airplane resembles the real world aircraft . Thus it's dramatically different from any other LEGO passenger plane. It also sports the same airline logo as the sets 1774 and 1775.

    This airplane was unique in several regards. It was the first LEGO passenger plane that sported a conventional tailplane arrangement (horizontal stabilizers at the base of the vertical stabilizer) and not the ubiquitous T-tail common in most LEGO planes. It was also the only plane labeled with the logo of a real world airline ("Emirates").

  • This other airplane from 1985 was a bit smaller than the one included in the airport set. It had only three passenger seats and two jet engines which were mounted upon the aft fuselage. This engine arrangement would become the most common among LEGO passenger planes. The baggage compartment in the aft had a hatch that was completely separate from the hinged roof that covered the passenger section. Besides these differences the design was similar to the other airplane, especially the nose and the T-tail.

    James managed to squeeze no less than 5 Power Functions motors inside the model, allowing the and to be operated using a remote control. It was very cool to see these features “in the brick” in London last weekend, and I wasn’t alone in thinking it was a highlight of the show. – one of the best LEGO plane modelers around – spent ages examining this creation and pronounced it “Bloody good”. High praise indeed.

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    Oh gosh, I used to love those Lego airplanes! Before I had even heard of diecast airliners, I would transfer the floor of my bedroom into giant lego airports, and sit there for hours performing takeoffs, landings, and loading the lego planes. Wow, that had to be back in 2008 I suppose. Haha, I even found an old website where I used to post photos of my lego creations, heres the folder where I posted all of them, browse around if you want.
    Brickshelf Gallery - first airport. not so awesome. ill fated and soon replaced

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    I had the first version of the Lego "Airliner" of the Lego planes, when I was about 10, and I had some friends come over, which we had a Lego war, so I reconfigured it to an AWAC, then made it crash to smithereens!
    Looked sort of like this:

    This is post 900!!

    sba757 was here =D

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    The airplane contained in this set was one of the first two LEGO System passenger planes released. Its basic design was prototypical for most of the following larger LEGO planes, introducing the characteristic T-tail stabilizer arrangement at the aft and the boxy nose and cockpit assembly which remained unchanged in almost all of the sets from the 1980s and 1990s. Also the method of accessing the interior by flipping open the roof and a small section of the sidewall was already introduced in this set.

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