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LEGO Star WarsTM Trade Federation Multi Troop Transport (75058)

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  • Christmas may be ten and a half months away, but it’s never too early to start getting ready for this year’s LEGO Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar set! While the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendars have traditionally been slow sellers, the 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar was a quick sellout (perhaps due to the great Santa Jango minifigure). But while last year’s set was headlined by the whimsical LEGO Santa Jango, but we learned at the Toy Fair 2014 this week that this year’s headliner is even crazier–LEGO Santa Darth Vader!

    The main event of the LEGO Star Wars 2014 Advent Calendar 75056 set is unquestionably the LEGO Santa Darth Vader minifigure. LEGO could have wusses out and just put a Santa hat on a regular LEGO Darth Vader minifigure, but instead they opted to camp it up by having Vader wearing the whole Santa Claus getup–red cape, red coat and all! This is definitely one of the funniest and most memorable iterations of Darth Vader that we’ve ever seen, and a sure fire set-seller when this 2014 Advent Calendar hits stores in the fall.

  • With only four months before the 2014 LEGO Star Wars winter wave of sets begins to hit stores, it was only a matter of time until details about the series leaked out to the Internet–and that time has come! We now know that there will be 19 (yes, nineteen) LEGO Star Wars 2014 winters sets available around the new year, including an all-new sub-series of small-scale sets, the return of single faction battle packs and a huge emphasis on Clone Wars and Revenge of the Sith sets. If you’re a Star Wars OT (Original Trilogy) fan, prepare for some major disappointment…

    What do you think about the first wave of LEGO Star Wars 2014 sets, LEGO fans? Are some of these sets that you were hoping for, or are you seriously bummed out by the lack of presence of original trilogy sets?

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Now that I’ve spent a bit of time discussing some of the other LEGO Summer 2014 sets that debuted at Toy Fair 2014, I want to step back and finish off talking about the LEGO Star Wars 2014 summer wave. Today I’ve got a Star Wars Original Trilogy set that’s been done a few times before, but not in a regular scale since 2006! It’s one of the weirdest star ship designs in the Star Wars universe, and it’s returning to stores in August 2014–LEGO Star Wars B-Wing 75050!