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Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber

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  • The lightsaber kit was conceived of at Camp Kaleidoscope in 2008, and has since gone through several revisions by Parts and Crafts. We've tried it out in several public workshops, where children as young as 6 or 7, as well as parents and adults, have tried and generally loved the project. The project serves as both a reasonable introduction to electronics -- as it requires no prior knowledge -- as well as a fun way to explore making electronic props for costumes (especially for Halloween!)

    I want to know were I can find this lightsaber kit. So, I have the Darth Vader and Luke`s lightsavers, but I want to build my own lightsaber. If someone can tell me were can I buy it, I`ll appreciate… Thank a lot!!!
    May the force be whit you!!
    P.S. I from Caracas, Venezuela, but I will go to the United States in april…
    See you!!

  • I remember watching Star Wars as a young boy, and like every kid who saw the movie, I was entranced by the Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. It reminded me of the primal need in every being to fight evil and do good, so here’s your chance to build your own – with the Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber Kit.

    Lightsaber kits are available at pledge levels with and without LED blades and/or sound effects. Those choosing one of the upgraded options will receive a "plug and play" version that bypasses solder electronics kits to create a dueling saber with a glowing blade, or a fully functional hero level prop with lights, motion detection, and sound. All basic ASP packages will include the buyer's choice of emitter, pommel, body, and switch section.

  • Manufactured by: Tommy Direct Product name: Star Wars Ultimate Lightsaber Kit CLONEWARS version product details: Use the LED light of three colors on the body, I realize the light of seven colors. I can make a lightsaber of 1000 as more than recombination of parts!

Do-It-Yourself Custom Lightsaber Hilt Kit by SaltLakeSaberCo

Star Wars, Become A Real Jedi, Lightsaber Construction Kit. Available for the first time is the highest quality lightsaber construction kit ever created. The true moment of truth in any Jedi's life is when they construct their very own lightsaber. Each lightsaber is unique to each Jedi and is the indication of their powers and skill. It also represents their clear and uninterrupted connection to the Force. There are only a few thousand of these left, get yours today.