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  • Chances are, you've played with Fisher-Price's Little People toys at some point. The simple, round figures were a staple of toy boxes throughout the 1970s and '80s, and have become one of the longest-running toy lines in American history. With over 50 years on the market, the story behind these little folks is filled with fun and fond memories, sure to bring out the kid in all of us.

    Plastic heads on wood bodies were also introduced in 1973. Two years later, Fisher-Price began to make the transition to all-plastic Little People. So in the '70s, it was possible to purchase a Play Family playset with a combination of all-wood, wood-and-plastic, and all-plastic figures in the same set. In 1975, the first licensed-character Little People set was introduced, based on Sesame Street. These toys are coveted by collectors now. The only other official Little People character toys were made for a 1990 McDonald’s playset.

  • Little People is a animated TV show based on the Fisher Price Little People toy line, produced by and broadcast on . International the show was pickup by and (UK), , , , , , , (South Africa), (Brazil), (Mexico) and (Canada).

    Because the Little People were so wildly popular, many toy companies produced knockoffs, including Play Friends, Tomy People, and Playpal. ILLCO made some Walt Disney character figures and vehicles that fit with Little People toys and accessories, but Fisher-Price did not. The figures in Mattel’s Putt-Putt sets had bodies that fit the Little People vehicles and sets, but big wood heads. These Mattel toys are also rare and collectible now.

    This Old Toy is the original site of Fisher-Price toys, absolutely filled with all sorts of information. This site is HUGE! It doesn't have just Little People toys, it has almost ALL older Fisher-Price toys. The site has an older-style navigation, so it can take some time hunting through to find information, but definitely worth the effort.

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    Click here for their Little People and parts identification guide - it covers just about everything!

  • Little People toys: the adorably detailed playsets and fun toddler toys from Fisher-Price that have been delighting kids for generations! The Little People friends live in a world of wonder and imagination, where so many first discoveries are made and the learning never ends. Little People playsets make ideal educational toys as young children develop social skills like sharing and taking on new roles. Explore our expansive collection of toddler toys and pick a favorite playset for your child or to give as the perfect gift. Your child will also enjoy our toddler games, coloring pages and more activities right on this site.

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In 1999, Little People celebrated their 40th birthday with the reintroduction of the first Little People toy ever: Little People School Bus and characters. The play sets include the school bus, circus train, construction vehicles and other play sets.