PartNumber: Amazing Fisher-Price Little People Musical Zoo Train

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Fisher-Price Little People Musical Zoo Train

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  • The Fisher-Price Little People Animal Zoo Train Play Set has an engine and a storage car with lots of room for animals to ride around the zoo. It also has another car with a real spinning Ferris wheel with room for two animals to ride at once!

    Fisher Price Little People Musical Zoo Train delivers your child all the fun sounds and action and also more charming zoo animals for them to learn about. When Sonya Lee is in the driver’s seat you can press her down so you can hear fun jungle tunes and the sounds the animals make. Place the animals in each of their attached cars. The tiger will tetter back on forth on the teeter totter. You can feed the giraffe by swinging the food toward himself. The train set comes with Sonya Lee, giraffe, and the tiger.

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    All aboard this magical Little People musical zoo train! The cute smiling conductor drives his colorful train as his polar bear and gorilla buddies ride in the back. The sound-activated train plays a lovely song as the smoke stack whistles and the train's rolling action chugs the fun along with amusing sound effects!

  • Fisher Price Little People Musical Zoo Train

    The Little People Musical Zoo Train is a great addition to the Zoo line. Based on a proven play pattern with years of success, this train delivers fun action, sounds and more charming Touch and Feel zoo animals. Place new Koby w/Safari hat figure in the driver's seat and press down to hear a fun jungle tune and animal sounds. Place the animals in their own attached cars. Watch the tiger as he teeters on his teeter totter and pet the fur on his belly. Feed the giraffe by swinging the food towards him and pet him to feel his spots. Train includes new Koby w/Safari hat figure, and Touch and Feel tiger and giraffe.

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While the intention of Fisher Price was for the 3 cars to be hitched together and function as a unit- they all work independently as well. Alone they are just the right size for little hands to maneuver like a "car". But, when the desire is there for them to connect up like a train the 2 cars easily link to the locomotive by a simple hitch that consists of a post and slot connection. In addition, the train cars from the Little People Musical Zoo Train can be used with any other Little People train set, such as the Circus or Big Top Trains.