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So This is my new my little pony website. So I am still working on the site obviously, but I have lot more up now.

Pony Run Little

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  • Font Brothers claims that Hasbro's alleged use of a pirated version of the font has deprived Font Brothers of revenue from the sale of licences for Generation B, as well as injuring the font company's relationships with other customers pay for the licence to use the font. Besides the many products that bear the Friendship is Magic font (), Font Brothers also points out that if you look at the official My Little Pony website's CSS stylesheet, the font Generation B is specifically mentioned, and a copy of the font is stored and distributed through Hasbro's servers.

    Equestria Daily is a My Little Pony website that involves fan art, games, comics, information, community, news, etc. Originally, the website allowed fans to post their user-created games, but on April 3, 2011, that aspect came to a screeching halt. This was single-handedly caused by one game known as “Luna Game.” Luna Game is a simple pixel and sprite maze style game in which the player attempts to escape; however, this is not the only aspect of the game. After 20 seconds of playing, the game cuts to a picture of a malformed pony with disturbing noises in the background. The game is almost impossible to exit and any attempt to do so will result in the cursor locking up and the disturbing noises only continuing. It may also cause the computer to crash. Equestria Daily site founder Sethisto immediately apologized for the event and immediately banned any downloadable games from the site. Since then, the Luna Games series has flourished and expanded into .

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