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  • A Complete is a fully assembled longboard skateboard that is ready to ride the second you take it out of the box. Ok, maybe it will take more than a second if you unpack the box inside the house and need to take the board outside to ride it. But you get our drift.

    Longboards and regular skateboards share many of the same basic features. For example, both types of boards have decks, wheels, trucks, riser pads, and bearings. When it comes to basic specifications, though, most longboards are between 35 and 60 inches (90 and 150 cm) in length. A skateboarder can choose from a variety of deck designs including the hybrid, pintail, and drop-deck designs, as well as the cruiser design which is most like the deck shape of a traditional skateboard. In addition to size and style options, someone shopping for a longboard skateboard has plenty of design options in terms of aesthetics, too.

  • Like its name suggests, a longboard skateboard is one that is significantly longer than a traditional skateboard. That length, and certain differences in basic design, allow for a kind of skateboarding called “longboarding,” which is similar to or . Although longboards can perform in ways regular boards cannot, there are certain maneuvers, such as stunts, for which longboards are not ideal. Still, despite the differences in design and use, skateboarders should take the same safety precautions they would if they were riding regular skateboards. Skateboarders can find longboards at many of the same locations they would find traditional boards, though they can expect to pay a higher price for longboards.

    Longboarding is the widely accepted general term for riding a longboard skateboard. Still, the term is often used to describe using a longboard for racing, cruising, sliding, or just traveling from one point to another. Unlike traditional skateboards, longboard skateboards are not good boards for performing stunts. Nevertheless, whether an amateur or a professional skateboarder, each rider should wear the same kind of safety gear as he would when riding a regular skateboard, including a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and gloves.

    current10:02, 8 April 2005957 × 981 (150 KB)Ravn~commonswiki (talk | contribs)A longboard skateboard, on a downhill ride. Photographer: Thomas Hirsch / User:Ravn Date: 03.04.2005 {}{{CC-BY-SA}}

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    The image "Longboarder posing beside his longboard skateboard on the road in the forest. Longboard skating" from is available on Fotolia under a royalty-free license (Credit from The Santa Cruz Shake Land Shark is more than just awesome shark graphics. It’s a perfect small-longboard type skateboard, providing a very comfortable riding experience for beginners and more experiences skateboarders. It.74).

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An incredibly durable longboard, which is fantastic for those who have little-to-none experience in skateboarding. The Super Cruiser longboard skateboard comes in three different colors: