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Lotta Luv Soda Lip Balm Set
Lotta Luv Sweet Spa Set - Nerds
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Lotta Luv Birthday Cake Lip Balm

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  • We offer wide selection of Lotta Luv lipsticks!
    1 Heart Mirror
    5 Lip Balms – 0.12 oz each – Fun Dip, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Pixy Stix
    1 Square Balm – 0.14 oz
    1 Swirl Lip Gloss – 0.42 oz
    1 Roller Gloss – 0.14 oz Lip Glosses, Lips by Lotta Luv

    I wasn't impressed with this balm. The flavor smelled (and tasted) like chocolate mixed with toothpaste. I would only recommend this balm to someone who really loves mint. The texture was just like any other Lotta Luv lip balm; not too waxy or slippery.

  • We offer wide selection of Lotta Luv lipsticks!
    2 packages of Waffle House Lip Balm.
    Net Wt. .12 oz. (3.4g)
    For ages 8 and up. Balms & Moisturizers, Lip Care by Lotta Luv

    I've bought many Lotta Luv lip balms over the years, and I still buy them hoping they'll be good. Unfortunately, I don't like them much. They did change the formula for them, so they do apply smoother, but they just seem cheesy to me. I do remember liking the scent of the grape and cherry Jolly Ranchers lip balms.

    A few months ago, I bought a couple packs of their mega lip balms in many different flavors. I didn't really care for them, so I put them away. I eventually applied a few of them a couple times, but I didn't even touch the Reese's and Hershey lip balms until this evening. Come to find out, both the Reese's AND Hershey's lip balms were tinted! They both have a sort of vampy purple-ish red tint that looks very pretty. Plus they smell really good, so I recommend the Reese's or Hershey's Lotta Luv lip balms if you want a cheap tinted lip balm. I'm not sure if the original sized ones are tinted, but the mega sized are.

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    Lotta Luv Movie Lip Mix - Movie Favorites

  • I remember when I first bought a Lotta Luv lipbalm at the mall and it was Nestle Chocolate scented or something like that. And I absolutely hated it because it smelled like fake chocolate and I thought it was gross since it was very hard and didn't work. But a few weeks ago, I saw some of the Lotta Luv lipbalms again at a dollar store. So I thought "oh well, it's only $1". They also had a greater selection and more variety. I chose the Chocolate Chip Ice Cream one. I'm veyr surprised because I ended up loving this one! The scent has sort of faded, but I can still smell a little lingering sweetness. It's also very moisturizing and feels soft and smooth on my lips. My lips can get very dry sometimes and I almost always wear a sheer lipstick. But now, I just wear this lipbalm and my lips are fine. It gives me a light shine and flavor too. Will buy again.

Lotta Luv Flavored Lip Balm (Set of 6) (Girls) | Nordstrom

I have recently went on the dreaded “diet plan” to drop a few unwanted pounds. I’m on a low carb diet so sweets are out of the question. No worries here, now I can curve my sweet cravings with any one of these delicious Lotta Luv Beauty products, the Reese’s being my favorite! And ladies for those uncontrollable chocolate cravings we get, just grab a Lotta Luv lip balm or gloss and the cravings slip away, loving this!