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Disney™ Battery Operated Magic Night Lights come in a selection of popular figures who close their eyes during the day and open them at night.

KINGSO Magic Mini Pretty Mushroom-Shaped Energy Saving LED Night Light with Romantic Light Sensor Lamp(Blue)

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  • The Magic Toilet Night Light makes bathroom trips at night-time a breeze. Never fear of stumbling, tripping or losing your way at night, or startling the soundly asleep kids and adults in your family when it's time to go!

    Ease potty training stress for toddlers and help make your kids warm up to the idea of using the toilet themselves at night, unsupervised. The Magic Toilet Night Light is also great for adults, who struggle with incontinence.

  • At last - a night light that won't run up your power bill! Featuring a high-tech, motion sensor detector, the Magic Toilet Night Light INSTANTLY illuminates your surroundings once you are within its range. Battery-operated, we have eliminated the fear of having to use power outlets or electrocuting yourself in the bathroom.

    What I think about the Magical Nights of Lights is that it is so outrageously expensive that we will not be able to enjoy it this year. My family cannot afford to pay almost $90 to see Christmas lights 🙁




    Disney Magic Night Light
    Colors Vary

    Your kid will love to go sleep with their beloved character!!!

    The magic night light shows the character's eyes close at day time. When you turn on the light, the picture changes to night mode and the eyes will open wide.

    The Magic Night Light comes in dozens of different brand name figures, such as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Tweety, Bob the Builder, Disney Princesses, Spong Bob and a wide range of generic and custom designs.

    The Magic Night Light is good for:

    - Birthday, holiday and Christmas gift.
    - Room lighting and decoration.
    - Promotions 


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    The main idea of our Magic Toilet Night Light is a bit hilarious, but it makes a very compelling point. Since your bathroom is dark, what are the options you can consider? You cannot switch on the lights as it is mental. You will be violently awake, thus you might leave the lights in the bathroom off and try utilizing your own instinct just to find the center of your toilet. On the other hand, it is a way too messy. You really need to find another way.

Care Bears Magic Night Light Sweet Dreams Bear - Care Bears Ireland

Plug-In Magic Night Lights come in a selection of popular figures loved by children everywhere. Simply plug into any power point and watch your child's eyes light up as the magic happens and Barbie's eyes open and close. Includes 7W bulb.