Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter

Medela Vehicle Light Adapter (67174)

Medela 9 Volt Vehicle Breast Pump Lighter Adaptor

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  • Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter, 12V, 7-1/2" x 2-3/4" x 1-3/4", Black, 30-Day Limited Warranty. A convenient alternative power option for Pump In Style Advanced breast pumps (manufactured prior to January 2008), Lactina, and Freestyle breast pumps. 8-foot long cord. Not for use with the Symphony, Single Deluxe or 9-Volt Pump In Style breastpumps. Use of the vehicle lighter adapter will slightly increase the pumping speed of the Pump In Style breast pumps. Adjust pumping speed for your comfort. Replaceable 1.5 amp fuse. May not work with all vehicle lighter outlets. Please check vehicle owners manual.

    The Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter allows you to power a Medela In Style Breastpump from a standard vehicle lighter. It's as simple as plugging one end into the breast pump and the other into your car's lighter. Black adapter is discreet, with a lengthy cord for easy movement. Medela breast pumps sold separately. Made in USA. Includes: Vehicle Adapter. Number of Pieces:1 Care and Cleaning: Hand-wash Only.

  • Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter provides power to a breast pump in the car. The “Pump In Style” breast pumps (Back Pack, On The Go Tote and Metro Bag)work with a 9 volt adapter and the Freestyle breast pump or the Lactina hospital grade breast pump work with the 12 volt adapter. The Symphony hospital grade breastpump works with its own specific adapter.

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  • Medela Symphony Vehicle Lighter Adapter
    Medela Symphony Breast Pump Vehicle Lighter Adapter
    For breastpumping in your car.
    Powers the Medela Symphony Breast Pump in a motor vehicle using the vehicle lighter.
    MSRP: $28.99
    OUR PRICE: $22.99

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