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Building Blocks Fire Station Rescue

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  • Mega Bloks Skylanders Fire Viper Attack Play Set: The Mega Bloks Skylanders Set is a buildable Fire Viper Fire Viper Attack Toy Skylander Includes buildable Pop Fizz (Magic character), and Hoot Loop (Magic character) with mix and match capability Blue Chompie and Goat Pop Fizz, Hoot Loop, Chompy and Goat all change color in cold water Combines with other Mega Bloks Skylanders SWAP Force characters and play sets (sold separately) Mega Bloks Set Number of pieces: 242

    Mega Bloks Fire Patrol Rescue is a playset that contains two rescue vehicles. There is a Fire Rescue Pumper Truck that carries hundreds of gallons of water and roars through the streets of Bloktropolis with sirens blaring. The Blok Squad firefighter will rescue people even from the most remote years and control fire. Build the Fire Patrol ATV to move around any terrain of the country. It helps to save and rescue trapped civilians. Combine both, the vehicles and people, from this wild fire.

  • How much would you pay for a brick based fire station? I look at the very impressive BUT expensive LEGO fire station against a Mega Bloks fire station which cost half as much as LEGO.

    Can LEGO city show it's might against the Blok Squad fire fighters. Lego set 7208 and Mega Blocks set 2404 feature in this video.

    Why is LEGO so expensive in Australia compared to the USA? When I purchased these sets $1 AUD could purchase $110 USD, but LEGO seem to be asleep at the wheel in relation to prices in Australia.

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